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What Is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient art that uses points on the feet and hands which will then be directly links to internal organs, glands and systems of the body to help it balance and self-heal. It is believed that stimulating these reflex points can help to facilitate stress relief and aid relaxation.

An individual will respond differently to treatment due to the body’s own healing patterns. This is why a reflexologist takes a holistic approach where we consider all factors that could be affecting an individuals health and tailor a specific treatment plan for them.  Often these plans can help to aid more restful sleep and or improve their sense of wellbeing.

How Can It Help?

Due to the gentle process, reflexology is suitable for all ages. It can help to reconnect and restore the balance between mind, body and emotions. As well as promoting a deep sense of relaxation to allow the body’s functions and mechanisms to begin the healing process.

Treatment Prices
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